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The Franklin Morales Era Concludes: Traded to Red Sox

What is likely pleasant, perhaps seemingly overdue news for many Rockies fans out there, Franklin Morales has been sent to the Boston Red Sox for the standard Player to be Named Later or cash. The news actually makes me sad, however; I always really wanted Morales to emerge from his "headcasery" and surprise the haters.

It will be Matt Daley joining the bullpen in Milwaukee tomorrow, leaving Matt Reynolds as the lone lefty in the bullpen for at least the near future. (It should be noted that for the first time, the bullpen is now more Matts than not Matts). Rex Brothers is not being considered ready at this point, but he could be on the way as soon as there is a demonstrative need for an extra lefty.

I don't expect the shortage of Morales to change much of the way Tracy works the bullpen. Reynolds was already the go-to guy for important lefty outs, and Morales was relegated mostly to mopup innings. Reynolds has never been one of the more overworked players this season, even being the only thing close to a situational lefty destroyer on the team. The four main relievers on the team, Huston Street, Rafael Betancourt, Matt Lindstrom and Matt Belisle are all very capable of facing anyone regardless of matchup, Paulino will presumably remain mostly in situations like tonight's with large leads or deficits, and Reynolds and Daley are perfectly capable of filling their shared duties in middle relief. In other words, I'm not horrified at the idea of having one lefty in the pen for the time being.

One notable effect here is the opening of a 40 man Roster spot, presumably for Aaron Cook upon activation in a couple weeks, though one can never know for sure what other roster shenanigans will need to happen between now and then.