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Purple Row Radio - May 2, 2011 Guest: Jim McLennan of AZ Snake Pit

Purple Row Radio
Purple Row Radio

On this edition of Purple Row Radio, Andrew and I discuss the following topics and more:

- Carlos Gonzalez' offensive performance this weekend.
- Ubaldo Jimenez: what's wrong and how to fix it?
- The Rockies bullpen and why it deserves more credit than we've been giving it.
- What does Greg think is the main difference in the attitude of the team between 2010 and so far in 2011?
- We bring in Jim McLennan to preview the Diamondbacks series this week.
- What does Jim see regarding the futures of Stephen Drew and Justin Upton?
- What does Jim think of our old friend Melvin Mora, as well as first baseman Russell Branyan?
- How do the three of us think the Rockies and Diamondbacks feel about each other as opposing franchises in terms of the similarities and differences between our teams?
- Greg and Andrew's thoughts on Juan Nicasio's superb start to the season at AA Tulsa, and a few notes on Tyler Matzek's development.

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Russ, who has been kindly taking point on keeping us up to date with iTunes, isn't sure why the preview page for Purple Row Radio is messed up there, but assures me that you can subscribe to it and it will still work correctly. Give it a try if you'd like. Otherwise, subscribe above.

Don't forget to check out Jim McLennan's writing at AZ Snake Pit.

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Purple Row Radio - 5/2/11