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Sunday Rockpile: The talent's not shining in Colorado so far.

Talent. The Rockies say that eventually, just like the sun, it will out

Talent like Ubaldo Jimenezwho hasn't exactly been Ubaldo like to date.

Talent like Carlos Gonzalez, who still only has a .320 OBP through the first quarter of the season. He's still getting out 68% of the time he comes to the plate.

Talent like Troy Tulowitzki, who isn't doing much better in that department at .332. The two had OBP's of .376 and .381 in 2010, so each has been seeing considerably less time on base this season.

Complain about the miserable performance of the scrubs like Jose Lopez, Ryan Spilborghs and bullpen fodder like Felipe Paulino in 2011 all you want, and yeah, they are contributing to the losses, but the real reason that the Rockies haven't performed fully up to their potential to date has been the spotty performance from the three superstars that are supposed to be leading the team. Until this gets fixed, we can cycle through replacement level players at the bottom of the roster all we want and nothing will change. When those larger issues do get fixed, I'm guessing we'll miraculously have far less carping about whoever the lucky stiffs at the end of the bench will be at the time.

All that said, I do believe Troy Renck's right that Rex Brothers deserves a big league look. I'm just saying that improving the enlisted class will only help if it coincides with the resurgence of the team's generals. 

Jose Lopez, by the way, had been batting .308 for the month of May before last night's disappointment, and he wasn't the only Rockies hitter to get handcuffed by Shaun Marcum. Lopez does seem to be turning around after a miserable April. Patience should still be warranted.  

Jason Giambi must have felt bad in the wake of the AP article the other day about Todd Helton's resurgence, so he went out and hit four HR's this week. The work paid off, as Giambi's now mentioned along with Helton as being on the rebound in this New Jersey article. Giambi's big week has now given him the highest OPS among all 2011 Rockies position players. Sitting ahead of him in OPS among all Rockies to take a plate appearance this season is soon to be recalled Greg Reynolds.

Tulowitzki isn't sweating his ejection from Friday night's contest, and he shouldn't be with a bigger picture issue to deal with. When Tulo started the season on fire, it was no coincidence that so did the Rockies, since he's been slumping, so too has his team.