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Thursday Rockpile: Pointing out the places where it hurts

Rockies OPS by batting order position and the NL rank, stats courtesy of Baseball-Reference


  1. .643, 13th 
  2. .770, 3rd 
  3. .727, 9th 
  4. .836, 6th 
  5. .917, 2nd
  6. .721, 11th
  7. .710, 7th
  8. .685, 8th
  9. .383, 15th


The average rank is 8.22, and this for a team that plays in the league's most offense friendly park. Outside the 2nd and fifth slots, none of the Rockies lineup positions have been contender worthy for the season on the whole. I would say that the lead-off and third batting slots have been the most damaging, but that brutal showing by our pitchers and pinch-hitters in the ninth slot deserves some of the blame for the team's dismal 6-11 record in one run games.


As news of the Juan Nicasio call-up for Saturday's game indicate, the Rockies will look internally to replace Jorge De La Rosa, and have limited financial flexibility to pursue a trade, the names on the starting pitching market right now are fairly lackluster, anyway, but the financial update should be kept in mind if you're also thinking about how the Rockies will improve their offense. Dave Krieger writes more about this after talking to Dan O'Dowd. The Rockies GM is still in a wait and see mode when it comes to pulling the trigger on a trade.

We haven't really talked about it in the wake of the Nicasio news, but I'm also eagerly anticipating the debut of Bruce Billings at some point in the next couple of days. After being initially underwhelmed by him, I've been impressed by the way he's bulldogged his way to the majors. He's a solid reliever that like Matt Reynolds and Matt Daley, should serve the Rockies well for a very low cost over the next few seasons.

Rockies closers present and past have a general distaste for Oakland manager Bob Geren. After Brian Fuentes aired some beefs publicly about his current skipper earlier this week, Huston Street was asked his feelings and responded unequivocally:

"...least favorite person I have ever encountered in sports."


Ian Stewart's season took yet another turn downhill with time lost due to a tight hamstring.

The Rockies are disappointed with prospect Russell Wilson's continued flirtations with using his final year of NCAA football eligibility, with Marc Gustafson saying that the infielder/QB would forfeit a sizable chunk of his signing bonus and laments the potential loss of development time. Wilson's chances at an MLB career are already marginal, particularly with sizable holes in his swing that have led him to one of the worst contact rates in the system. His chances of fixing the hitting issues greatly diminish with so much time spent away from baseball coaches.