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Rockies Roster Shuffle Continues - Jose Lopez is Designated For Assignment

Thomas Harding of tweeted that Jose Lopez informed the press he was designated for assignment after the game. The interview was then played on the Toyota Postgame Show for confirmation.

I have said many times that I expected the organization to take its longest time in deciding what to do with Jose Lopez, due to both his salary and some of the hard luyck he's dealt with during the season in addition to his general offensive flaws. The move is a genuine surprise to me, particularly with Alfredo Amezaga still on the roster.

That said, we have now seen Franklin Morales, Felipe Paulino and Lopez all booted from the roster within a week's time. The organization feels a need to be trigger happy, and part of me is worried that this is a sign that the front office is beginning to feel pressure to make the moves. On one hand, this could send a message to players who are not performing; even a multi-million salary will not keep you safe. On the other hand, this could spur a reactionary mentality into the front office. Dumping a player is an easy solution, but not necessarily the best, particularly when you still have a bunch of temporary pieces on your roster to begin with.

Eric Young Jr. has left the Sky Sox, and though the move will not be made official until tomorrow, it is all but guaranteed that he will join the team in Lopez' stead. The Rockies now have 37 spots filled on the 40 Man Roster. Lopez' fate will be due by June 4th. If Lopez clears waivers, he has the right to refuse minor league assignment and declare free agency due to service time.