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Saturday Rockpile: Rockies' Nosedive Continues

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During the Rockies' 7-18 "run" here in May 2011, one could make the claim of "hey, at least they've been competitive," seeing as how the Rox have finished the game within two runs of their opponent in 11 of those losses. However, that all seemed to change last night when Colorado appeared to have laid down and curled up into the fetal position in a 10-3 loss that saw the club go hitless from the third inning on. Consider me officially concerned.

Rockies' Ubaldo Jimenez: There's no crying in baseball | All Things Rockies — Colorado Rockies news — Denver Post
After a couple of good starts, Ubaldo Jimenez once again got shellacked. However, he seems to have the right attitude about the situation, but a good attitude can only take one so far. Jim Armstrong also notes that the Rockies have lost 20 games in a single month just three times in franchise history - one of which was during the epically dismal 2005 season. I don't think this one will pan out like that season did, but it sure does feel like 2008 at this point, with all of the fringe-big leaguers getting tons of playing time and what not.

Moss: Rex Brothers ready for call from Rockies - The Denver Post
Now, onto some stuff that isn't quite as infuriating...Rex Brothers continues to overwhelm AAA hitters, racking up 44 strikeouts in 26 innings pitched. He seems ripe for a call to the big leagues, but director of player development Marc Gustafson believes there's still work to be done before Brothers gets the call to Denver. Specifically, the club would like Brothers to improve his fastball command. Once that happens, Gustafson and the Rockies believe he'll be with the big club permanently. Irv Moss also profiles Mike Zuanich - a guy who was previously thought of as a fringe-type (even in the words of Gustafson) that is tearing up high-A to the tune of a .386 average and ten homers.

I'll try to add more links as the day goes on. Until then, let's all vent together. It's healthy that way, right?