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Fan Confidence and Underperforming Stars

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As we continue into the month of May, the Rockies are sitting at a nice healthy 17-9 record with a 4 game lead on the NL West. The Rockies have never had an April as strong as they did, and yet the commentary seems to be focusing on the players that aren't doing what they should be doing.

For example, Jose Lopez has been basically a guaranteed out in the lineup with a few exceptions, but his .149/.171/.243 Line (.188 wOBA, 2 wRC+ - yeah, 2. I know.) line is being outperformed by Esmil Rogers and Jorge De La Rosa. He's been the subject of many a debate, arguing BABIP vs Lousy Contact.

Another such player is Ryan Spilborghs, who has been uninspiring to say the least in 2011 after being one of the few positive batters in the Rockies lineup in 2010.

Felipe Paulino and Franklin Morales have also taken their share of flak based on their career numbers and a few poor outings.

Thing is, these guys are backup players, why is there such an effort to try and poke holes in a 17-9 club?

The fact is, fans aren't being distracted at the moment. By distracted, I don't mean by the Nuggets or Broncos or whatever. I mean it's because the big boys aren't doing much at the moment.

Over the past 14 games, Troy Tulowitzki has batted .250/.270/.361 with nary a homer. Carlos Gonzalez put up a paltry .138/.235/.207. Ubaldo Jimenez made 2 starts, totaled 9 innings, and posted a 7.20 ERA in that timeframe.

When your centers of attention are out sorts, it results in 2 very different situations: some fans basically saying "Ubaldo sucks now, they won't last" and vague criticisms of that nature; other fans saying "Well, that's why the Rockies are such a great team - they're deep, they have a lot of quality players to pick it up when the top isn't performing". This'll negatively affect those groups in the form of apathy for the former and an overevaluation of the depth for the latter. The former fan was somewhat fickle anyhow, and just went and did something else. The latter begins to notice the deficiencies in the depth and poke holes in the team's relative success.

When Tulowitzki and Cargo and Ubaldo are performing, they draw all of the attention, and not just from the Coors Faithful, but from the naysayers trying to poke their own holes. When the stars aren't producing, all of the glaring flaws in the backups becomes far more evident.

While I don't see it as the end of the world to have doubters a month in, it's a bit difficult to plead your case to the short of attention span and those overly negative.

I guess all you can really say is PEOPLE! THE ROCKIES ARE 17-9! ENJOY THIS LEAD!