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Purple Row Radio - May 30, 2011

Purple Row Radio
Purple Row Radio

Welcome to another edition of Purple Row Radio! On this edition, we discuss:

- Why Greg is surprised that the Rockies chose to cut Jose Lopez when they did.
- With Lopez and Alfredo Amezaga the most recent roster removals, are Eric Young Jr. and Chris Nelson viable replacements in the long term?
- What might the Rockies do with their four new open slots on the 40 Man Roster?
- Who will be the next Jason Giambi for the Rockies?
- What paths to the majors are laid before Charlie Blackmon at this point?
- What did we think of Juan Nicasio's start on Saturday (even though neither of us saw it)?
- Andrew shares some stories from his trip to see the Sky Sox on Saturday, including thoughts on Aaron Cook's most recent (and presumably final) rehab start.
- What would the show be like if Andrew and I could afford to make a "real" podcast?

Be warned; my side of the conversation was mixed too hot (in other words, I had the wrong data up when I was editing the podcast and didn't realize my voice was peaking way too high), so you might not want to have your volume up at full blast for this one.

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Purple Row Radio - 5/30/11