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Monday Rockpile: Wigginton Aspires To More Than Bench Role

Who'd have thought we'd all be rooting for Wigginton to hold the 3B job at this point in the season?
Who'd have thought we'd all be rooting for Wigginton to hold the 3B job at this point in the season?


Wigginton striving for new label | News
Ty Wigginton was originally brought to the club to be a 4-5 position superutility player. Wigginton was ok with that for the sake of signing a 2-year deal, but he was far from ok with letting that be the extent of his role with the Rockies. It's clear that Wigginton, barring any major setbacks, will be guy at 3B going forward. Chris Nelson was brought up to be "infielder off the bench and/or another RHB", and I personally don't see him challenging Wigginton much for that starting role.

Wigginton had just finally started to get hot when he hit the DL in late April, but after a 3-hit showing on Sunday, he might just be finding that groove again. Honestly, at this point, I'm thinking "whoever is doing the job best plays" and it's clear that Jim Tracy agrees, given Wigginton and Eric Young Jr.'s consistent playing time over the past few days.


Spilborghs making most of his opportunities | News
Spilly is batting 17-for-46 in May (.362) with an OBP up around .440. We talked about the dead weight guys not pulling said weight, and the organization took note. Spilborghs is gonna have some more organizational leeway than Jose Lopez did as far as poor starts and hot streaks go, but it should be noted that Spilly's AVG/OBP combo carried far more weight than Lopez' AVG-by-itself hot streak. Other note: Spilly's a 127 wRC+ batter against lefties this year, so let's keep that in mind when dissecting lineups.


Rockies formulating plan for Cook's return | News
Aaron Cook thinks he's ready. Nick Kosmider from doesn't paint the picture of a starter whose readiness the organization completely buys into. While actual linescores on minor league rehab starts aren't necessarily the barometer by which a team measures whether a pitcher is ready or not, a 7 2/3 inning, 6 run outing from Cook in AAA doesn't really instill massive amounts of pride and confidence in the eye of the observer.

Everyone is obviously allowed their trepidation regarding Cook's return, as he hasn't been all that special over the past 2 years. It doesn't strike me that the organization is neglecting this fact, either. If the Rockies aren't 100% comfortable with Cook's return being on Friday vs the Giants, they know that they have a solid backup option in Juan Nicasio to take the hill. That said, it might be a good way for Cook to ease back in, pitching against the Giants. Then again, their dink-and-bloop style of batting is what tends to massacre Cook.

I have to say that it sounds weird talking about a Rockies rotation stalwart like Aaron Cook as being a questionable piece in the Rockies' pitching staff.


Flames: Reenergized Helton refuses to ride off into sunset - Roto Arcade - Fantasy Blog - Yahoo! Sports
This might have been discussed in an older Rockpile, but Brad Evans hasn't missed Todd Helton's 37-year old resurgence.The team is playing some awful, awful ball lately, but Todd Helton being in the middle of the good parts warms the cockles of my cold black heart.


Sarah's Take: Helton deserves to be in Hall | News
Sarah Morris of discusses Helton's career as a phenomenal athlete and franchise cornerstone, taking time to discuss the Rockies' efforts at mitigating the absurd offensive nature of Coors Field. Ms. Moore also advocates for Helton to win a Gold Glove this season. Good on'ya, Sarah!


What Battling at the Plate Actually Means | FanGraphs Baseball
There's always praise given to players who are able to keep ABs alive with 2 strikes by fouling off pitches and making the pitcher throw more to end the plate appearance. Guess who the Rockies' best PA-extender is. Did you guess Johnny Herrera? Because if you did you're wrong. It's actually Chris Iannetta, 2nd best in the majors to Nick Hundley, both who extend PAs by over 2 pitches after hitting a 2-strike count. Next is Dexter Fowler, followed by Seth Smith, Todd Helton, and rounding out the top 5 is Johnny Herrera.