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Thursday Rockpile: Street gaining accolades, Iannetta gaining recognition

These two are a big reason the Rockies aren't in a very deep slump right now.
These two are a big reason the Rockies aren't in a very deep slump right now.

Huston Street, while solid, hasn't been the most dominant closer in baseball early this season, but being the go to guy on one of the most winning teams in the majors has its rewards, one of which would be racking up enough saves to impress the judges for the MLB Delivery Man of the Month award. Street's tied with Florida's Leo Nunez for the most saves in the majors at 11.

The Rockies have won just twice in the last seven days, and in both victories the bat of Chris Iannetta played a crucial role. He hit a three run home run this past Saturday to secure a win over the Pirates, and then went deep again last night to help the Rockies defeat the Diamondbacks. Iannetta appears to have gained the confidence of Jim Tracy this season, and that's going a long way to keeping him regularly in the lineup.

Early in the 2011 season Iannetta passed Jeff Reed (who was with the club between 1996 and 1999) for the most games behind the plate as a member of the Rockies, and on Sunday he passed Reed's 365 games overall in a Rockies uniform to become the most long serving backstop in franchise history. It would be very difficult to put another player in the catcher slot for the Rockies all time team at this point, I think Iannetta's taken a step ahead of Reed and Yorvit Torrealba for the post this year.

Off Topic

Ubaldo Jimenez is dissecting video to figure out what's so very very wrong with him this season. By the way, has anybody else thought that the word "dissecting" in this context doesn't really work that well and gets overused by sportswriters and copy editors? I mean, for me the term still calls up memories of worms and frogs soaked in formaldehyde and sharp pointy things in places where seventh graders are prone to fainting spells. What's wrong with analyzing? Or just plain studying? Investigating? Decompound and deconstruct. A lot of fresh words could be used. There are no sharp pointy things or formaldehyde in Ubaldo's film studies, and if there are, well, maybe Jimenez's pitching wouldn't be so bad if he didn't spend so much time studying film while sniffing formaldehyde fumes.

Prospect Nolan Arenado was one of a couple of PuRPs to work out with Troy Tulowitzki this winter, and he also worked with a Rockies dietitian reportedly, as he's lost a lot of weight since I last saw him playing for Asheville. Arenado seems determined to stay at the hot corner and is working on his footwork at third. He's off to a comparatively pedestrian start in Modesto, but as he points out, it not nearly the hitting environment he had in Asheville and Casper. Much like Tim Wheeeler and Ben Paulsen last season, Arenado's offensive numbers with the Nuts are likely to obscure how valuable a prospect he remains. I'll post a PuRPs discussion thread later today, and we'll have a new poll for our community prospect rankings start this weekend.