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Friday Rockpile: Todd Stands Alone For Career Doubles

You watch out, Al Simmons. Helton's coming.
You watch out, Al Simmons. Helton's coming.

Rock Talk after bitter series loss to Dbacks | All Things Rockies — Colorado Rockies news — Troy Renck, Denver Post

After blowing a 2-0 game in the 9th inning to the Arizona Diamondbacks, Huston Street made no bones about it: he blew it. He is now 11-for-12 in save attempts this season. It's a little disheartening, but I think Huston says it best:

"I have to focus on tomorrow. It’s just one game. You have to move on."

That's right Huston, it is just one game. The season isn't over. Nothing is over. Time for the team to pull itself up by its bootstraps and get right back to winning baseball games again.

But as much as we want to glower over a game lost, let's focus on something much more joyous and/or awesome.

Todd Helton now stands alone on the Career Doubles list at number 30, having hit #535 last night on a line shot to the RF corner. Stop and think about that for a moment. 30th all time in doubles. 12,725 different players have taken the plate in their careers at least 10 times. Todd Helton has hit more doubles than 12,690 of them. Seriously, you could fill the entire town of Conifer with batters who haven't hit as many doubles as Todd Helton.

What preemptively chaps me, however, is the obvious reaction the pundits are going to have, which will resemble something to the effect of "But Coors Field". Oh, of course. I forgot, Coors Field, the park where any AA scrub can come and become a .324 hitter and blast over 300 home runs. I also forgot that Lou Gehrig played his entire career in the Oakland Coliseum, so we should discredit Helton's achievement with a simple park effect dismissal. 

Poppycock! Poppycock, I say! Any man who can surpass both Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Ted Williams, and Frank Robinson in ANY kind of counting stat is a man whose career should be feared and admired.

You thought you could bring that weak criticism to Helton's domain? Well Helton just put your criticism into the gap and drove in 2 runs. On a 3-2 count after fouling off 7 pitches. With 2 outs. In the 9th inning. Down by 1. With his mother in the stands.

Off Topic

Rockies' Tulowitzki won't panic during slump - The Denver Post

Well, the positive note here is that Troy Tulowitzki recognizes the problems in his game right now, and is confident that he's going to overcome it. Really, Tulo is just too good of a player to continue being terrible, but boy I do wish that some of that early success hadn't come at the expense of this slump he's in right now.


Jim Tracy Can't Win - SB Nation Denver
We mentioned it yesterday in the comments section of the Rockpile, but our own Franchise26 comes to Jim Tracy's defense, citing the fact that our armchair managing always gets the benefit of the doubt, while Jim Tracy takes the endless blame for any Rockies misdoings.