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Sunday Rockpile: Rockies boo-boos have them calling mom... oh wait, maybe it's just Mother's Day

Some time during the 2010 season, probably right around the All-Star break, it seems an invisible torch was passed from the Dodgers to the Giants as the NL West team that the Rockies cave-in to. The Rockies have preconditioned their mindsets that they must be divisional also-rans, the only question being who is the Alpha-dog they stoop too. The Rockies have gone 4-9 against the Giants since last August, losing every series played between the teams save the first one, a two game set that they split. 

As a fan, the message received from these contests remains "we're decent, but not good enough to win the division." That said, much like many of those Dodgers losses in the two seasons before, the game to game results are frustratingly close, within a margin that says the teams are likely even in talent, and the results of contests with non-Alpha opponents bears that out, the Rockies are 17-9 against all foes outside San Francisco this season, while the Giants are 13-15 against teams other than the Rockies. The Rockies might not be as good as that 17-9 figure indicates, and the Giants are not a true sub-.500 team, but the mismatch of this series so far is still bafflingly inconsistent with everything we know about the teams otherwise.

Have the Rockies let the Giants get into their collective heads? I think it's a strong possibility. I'm at a loss for other explanations.


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