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Purple Row Radio - May 9, 2011 Guest: Ted Berg of TedQuarters

Purple Row Radio
Purple Row Radio

Welcome to this very sickly edition of Purple Row Radio. I do not get sick very often, but when I do, it's bad. Even though the editing process has confirmed that I sound okay, recording this one and then editing it was tough. During the interview with Ted, I could just feel it coming on. By the time we recorded the rest, I was mostly dead.

Not that I want sympathy; just an understanding that even though the quality of this episode was not really worse than usual, it sure feels like it for me. I'll be collapsing into bed just after posting this.

On this edition, Andrew and I discuss the following topics and more:
- The ugly performance of the Rockies offense this week.
- Is Felipe Paulino on the chopping block, and why does Andrew feel the team and the fans are being too hard on him?
- The complications of assigning blame when it comes to the causality of a baseball game loss (a topic that requires a lot more health on my part to really explore.)
- We welcome in Ted Berg to discuss the Mets.
- Ted, who is such a big fan of Taco Bell he has an entire section devoted to it on its website, laughs with us at the infamous Carlos Gonzalez taco bell commercial.
- Ted breaks down the Jose Reyes situation (regarding a potential trade, as well as his history over the past couple of years) and defends him as a top shortstop in the league.
- How has David Wright changed since the ballpark swap for the Mets?
- The Mets rotation: what's working and what isn't? (In the time since we recorded this segment, Chris Young has gone on the disabled list.)
- When will Johan Santana recover from surgery, and is there cause for the Mets to be worried because this particular injury has finished the careers of other big pitchers?

Don't forget to read Ted's work at TedQuarters or follow him on Twitter.

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Purple Row Radio - 5/9/11