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Saturday Rockpile: Todd Helton Continues to Produce, Greg Reynolds Waiting in the Wings, More

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Rockies' humble Helton just happy to be healthy - The Denver Post
I don't think I'll ever get sick of writing about Todd Helton resurgences. Todd picked up two more hits and a walk last night to raise his season line to .322/.399/.533, in addition to tacking on two RBI's. His value to the team is undeniable, as shown last night after Jim Tracy pulled him from the game before the bottom of the ninth inning only to see Ty Wigginton fail to scoop a throw in the dirt from Chris Nelson that Todd would have picked 99 times out of 100. Speaking of which, there's supposedly nothing wrong with Helton; Tracy felt he needed the rest, and it appears he will see more of it tonight.

Pitcher Reynolds stuck on Rochies' yo-yo - The Denver Post
Irv Moss writes about a perceived lack of opportunity that Greg Reynolds is receiving at the big league level. Reynolds has pitched acceptably in five games with the Rockies this year, but Juan Nicasio was tabbed by the coaching staff as the guy who gets to stick in the rotation, at least for right now. It's no secret that Nicasio has better stuff and probably at this point, a higher ceiling that Reynolds. As such, I'm sure that's what went into the decision more than anything. However, as Moss alludes to, there is a dark cloud of first-round draft pick failure hanging over the organization, and that may be another thing playing into the decision to send Reynolds back to Triple-A. Regardless, he needs starts to stay sharp, so he might as well do it in a challenging environment so that we can see what we really have in this guy (although at his age and point in his career, we likely already know what we have).

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Some players from the 2011 MLB Draft could reach the big leagues in short order | News
Jonathan Mayo predicts that Rockies' top pick Tyler Anderson has a shot at reaching the big leagues very quickly. Of course, we heard the exact same thing when the Rox drafted Casey Weathers and Christian Friedrich, and we still haven't seen those guys - although Weathers probably would already be here if it weren't for Tommy John surgery a couple of years ago, while Friedrich (as you'll see in the Pebble Report today) is getting awfully close.

Bill Hall to sign with San Francisco Giants - MLB News | FOX Sports on MSN
My prediction is that Hall will hit .360 with 25 home runs and an infinite number of walk-off bloop singles.