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Game 65: vs. Rubby De La Rosa vs. Ubaldo Jimenez

This is not a three game set, which means that the Rockies are going to win it...or at least, not lose it today, as they have for almost every single game thread I've been in charge of. Seriously, it's getting difficult to find new ways to write "Rockies lose game, series" -- so let's just give me a chance to write "Rockies win game, series". And if I get a chance to write "Rockies win game, series on the back of Ubaldo Jimenez no-hitter, cycle by everyone in the lineup", that would be great too.

But seriously, if Jimenez continues to be the guy we saw in his last two starts today, the Rockies (now, with offense!) shouldn't have trouble accomplishing a series victory. All that stands in our way is the other De La Rosa. Okay, so he's won both of his starts, allowing only two runs in 10.1 IP -- but his name is Rubby. I mean, come on.

Rubby De La Rosa

#50 / Pitcher / Los Angeles Dodgers





Mar 04, 1989

Ubaldo Jimenez

#38 / Pitcher / Colorado Rockies





Jan 22, 1984

Coffee is for closers, Rockies. You do want coffee, don't you?