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Purple Row Radio - June 13, 2011

Purple Row Radio
Purple Row Radio

Welcome to this special realignment edition of Purple Row Radio (seriously, that's about all we talk about)! On this edition, Andrew and I discuss:

- Something unusual and possibly Rockies related that I discovered at work.
- We break down the new realignment proposal and compare it to some of the other common proposals.
- We each cover our opinions on this realignment and realignment in general.
- Why do I want to keep divisional play but, possibly even more radically, remove the league separation?
- All sorts of other opinions on interleague play, the DH, and more.
- Why Andrew is impressed with Chris Nelson.
- Why this is a huge opportunity for Nelson, and why by contrast, Charlie Blackmon doesn't have to make the impression Nelson does right now. 

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Purple Row Radio - 6/13/11