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Fan Confidence and Series Wins

The old adage to avoid getting lost in the big picture is to focus on winning series. Win most of your series and you're a playoff team. As we know, Colorado broke out of the gates on fire, losing a total of zero of their first five series. After that, series losses continued to compound. Of their next 15 series, Jim Tracy's club lost 12, plummeting from 4.0 games up to 5.5 games down in the division.

It appeared that the Rockies could not win a series, and fifteen series is no small sample. They lost six consecutive rubber games. It was bad. Turnaround_medium

Don't look now, but Colorado is starting to make a slow turn. It started June 6, the day it was announced that Charlie Blackmon would be called up. With the series win yesterday, the Rockies have played three consecutive series without dropping one. This coming off a stretch of three non-loss series in their last fifteen tries. This is undoubtedly a positive development.

How much is the question. In those three series, the Rockies split a four game home series against the Dodgers, the same Dodgers who just got swept at home at Cincinnati, the team that is eight games under .500 for the first time since June 26, 2006. The two series wins came against the San Diego Padres, one of just three teams with a worse record than Los Angeles.

Then consider that in those three series, Colorado went just 6-4. Before this stretch, the Rockies were 5.5 games behind in the division. Today, they are 6.0 games behind. They have lost ground.

The Gillette fan poll indicates fans are still quite dubious. But if a win is a win, a series win is a series win. At least they have now proven the ability to get them again. That has to mean something to you, right?