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The Complete Spring 2011 PuRPs List

After revealing the PuRPs list five players at a time in six installments, it's time to wrap up the fall list by putting it all out at once. So without further ado, here is the full Spring 2011 Purple Row community prospect list:


Rank  Player  TOT
1 Wilin Rosario  1020
2 Juan Nicasio  932
3 Kyle Parker  907
4 Tyler Matzek  891
5 Nolan Arenado  872
6 Peter Tago  860
7 Charlie Blackmon  838
8 Rex Brothers  815
9 Christian Friedrich  777
10 Tim Wheeler  759
11 Chad Bettis  758
12 Rafael Ortega  595
13 Chris Nelson  587
14 Jordan Pacheco  553
15 Corey Dickerson  454
16 Albert Campos  414
17 Will Swanner  399
18 Hector Gomez  390
19 Ben Paulsen  355
20 Casey Weathers  331
21 Edwar Cabrera  329
22 Bruce Billings  214
23 Eliezer Mesa  207
24 Josh Rutledge  198
25 Christian Adames  191
26 Cole Garner  161
27 Thomas Field  153
28 Joshua Slaats  112
29 Edgmer Escalona  111
30 Mike Zuanich  106

Thirty-five ballots were cast in this edition of the PuRPs poll, with 30 points being granted for a first place vote, 29 for second, etc. Until a player was named on twelve ballots, his vote totals were modified on a sliding scale to avoid an individual ballot having too much say over the community forecast -- but none of the above players had that problem, as all thirty players on the PuRPs list were named on at least sixteen ballots.

As you can see, Wilin Rosario lapped the field, garning 25 of 35 first place votes. Beyond him, PuRPs 2-11 were grouped in a cluster (and were named on almost every ballot). PuRPs 12-14 were all named on every ballot, but were clearly a step below the top prospects. From PuRPS 15-21 there was a similar vote grouping as well, then 22-30 were pretty nicely clustered as well. 

Only  four prospects on the list were named on less than 22 ballots, so by and large the community seemed to come to a consensus as to who the top 25 or so players in the system were, if not their exact order. In all, 71 players were named on the 35 ballots, with 59 named on multiple ballots and 31 named on at the 12 ballots required to receive full points.

  • Others receiving first place votes were Juan Nicasio (2), Kyle Parker (1), Tyler Matzek (2), Charlie Blackmon (3), and Rex Brothers (2). 13 players were named on every ballot  and seven more were named on at least 30 of 35 ballots.
  • Just missing the PuRPs list were Russell Wilson (84 points), Brad Emaus (69.8), Parker Frazier (47.7), Rob Scahill (38.7), and Rosell Herrera (32.3).
  • From last spring's PuRPs list, only Matt Reynolds (PuRP 22) was ineligible due to MLB service time, while four others (all ranked 19 or lower) were left off this fall's list for various reasons, whether it be trade (Michael McKenry, Ethan Hollingsworth) or ineffectiveness (Samuel Deduno, Delta Cleary). 
  • In all, there were five new names on this list, though none were new to the system. Edwar Cabrera made the highest debut at 21. 
  • Breaking it down by position, there are twelve pitchers (eight starters, four relievers, four of which are southpaws), seven outfielders (four project in center, three at the corners), eight infielders (four middle, four corner), and three catchers. In all, this list is a good mix of talent, if not long on star power, ranging from rookie ball to MLB.