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Transactions Notes 6/16/11 - 6/22/11

All Rockies affiliates are now playing, and that means transactions are going to die down for a while after this week. Sure, we'll see promotions,  injuries and trips to the Inactive List like usual, and even some promotions, but the organization has now been firmly aligned onto a path it intends to take with each individual player. Let's get to it.


- Casey Weathers assigned to Tulsa Drillers from the Temporarily Inactive List.
- Stephen Dodson placed on the 7 Day Disabled List.

Weathers was placed on the TIL last week when Alan DeRatt was promoted to the Drillers to fill in the hole in the rotation left by Juan Nicasio and Aaron Cook joining the Rockies. Dodson's injury is listed as a "strained right wrist". Dodson is having a career season, but was struggling in the outings just before the trip to the DL.

- Kala Ka'aihue released.

Similar to Jeff Salazar last week, Ka'aihue was sitting on the disabled list and there was simply no room for him to be activated. Modesto already has two first basemen in Mike Zuanich and Kiel Roling, so the obvious choice was to let the player go.

- Tyler Massey assigned to Tri-City Dust Devils.
- Avery Barnes assigned to Asheville Tourists.

As you may recall, Barnes left the Tourists roster when Massey rejoined the team from his time in Extended Spring Training. Barnes was one of several players for Asheville whose actual roster status during thois period is not clear; the Reserve List makes the most sense since Extended Spring Training is now closed for the year, but I can't confirm at this time. The demotion for Massey is an intriguing one; Massey has played three seasons with the team thus far, and all of them had been with the Tourists. That means that three years into his pro career, Massey is actually playing for a short-season team for the first time.

The rest of the week follows after the jump.


- Jose Morales placed on the 60 Day Disabled List.
- Matt Pagnozzi purchased from Colorado Springs Sky Sox and assigned to Colorado Rockies.

Morales goes to the 60 day disabled list with a broken thumb, which opened up a 40 Man Roster spot to purchase Pagnozzi. The other notable options from AAA were Jordan Pacheco (already on the roster) and Eliezer Alfonzo (not on roster). Alfonzo is more of an offensive backup catcher in the vein of Morales himself, but Pagnozzi was considered the best defensive option as well as the most familiar with the MLB pitchers. Pagnozzi is still in the pre-arbitration segment of his career, and is therefore now secure in his MLB contract with the team until the team chooses to do something with it.

- Radames Nazario activated from the 7 Day Disabled List.

Filling Pagnozzi's spot on the AAA roster was Nazario, who has missed most of the season so far with leg injuries. His actgivae time wouldn't last long either, as he went back on the DL later in the week.

The Dust Devils added a set of 2011 draftees to their roster as they began play (the rest of the Dust Devils roster was covered in last week's post). They follow in list-form:
- Chris Dennis
- Brian Humpries
- Richard Pirkle
- William Rankin
- Jordan Ribera
- Timothy Smalling

These six players beginning their pro careers join Ben Alsup, who was assigned there earlier, at the A- level.



One day into their season, the Dust Devils activated three of the six players that were on the disabled list upon joining the roster:
- Isaiah Froneberger
- Ching Lung Lo
- Rafael Suarez

Froneberger and Suarez went on the DL earlier in the season with Tulsa and Asheville respectively, while Lo spent the entire first half of the season in EST. All three of these players are likely to leave the Dust Devils when room is made available farther up the line; Froneberger is likely to return to Tulsa, Lo to either Tulsa or Colorado Springs and Suarez has a chance of returning to Asheville, though he struggled mightily at A level even before his injury.

No corresponding moves were necessary as the Dust Devils roster is still well under the 35 player limit for A-.


- Cole Garner activated from the 7 Day Disabled List.
- Josh Fields placed on the Temporarily Inactive List.

Garner has also missed much of the 2011 season due to multiple stints on the DL. AAA continued to run short on outfielders, so his return was welcome. Fields makes his second trip to the TIL this year.

- Darin Holcomb activated from the 7 Day Disabled List.
- Warren Schaeffer placed on the Temporarily Inactive List.

Disaster appears to have been averted for Holcomb, who was pulled off active duty the instant symptoms of his back problems manifested. Since returning, Holcomb has appeared healthy. Schaeffer was filling the role of utility infielder for the Drillers, and has struggled this year.



- Dexter Fowler activated from the 15 Day Disabled List and optioned to Colorado Springs Sky Sox.

At the time of Fowler's injury, the Rockies were unsure if Charlie Blackmon would maintain his roster spot when Fowler was ready to return. By the time that moment actually arrived, the answer was obvious. This was the first day Fowler was eligible to be activated. This is his second optional assignment, and it will become officially used on July 9th, 20 days after the initial move as per usual.

- Radames Nazario placed on the 7 Day Disabled List.

Back to the DL he goes to make room for Fowler. No injury report was listed and I can't dig one up anywhere. He was on the DL previously for a calf injury.

- Rhett Ballard assigned to Tri-City Dust Devils.

I am not 100% sure why Ballard, a 2009 draftee, was not announced with the initial wave of Tri-City players last week, but he joined the team in official capacity on the 20th and pitched in the game.

Ghosts time! Casper finally announced their roster at the last minute before playing their first game. Below is the list of players that compose the Ghosts roster to the Ghosts roster:

2011 Draftees:
- Matthew Argyropoulos
- Jarod Berggren
- Alex Gillingham
- Brook Hart
- Samuel Mende
- Harold Riggins
- Kyle Roliard
- Daniel Winkler
- Michael Wolford

Promotions from Dominican Summer League:
- Juan Ciriaco
- Miguel De Leon
- Raul Fernandez
- Jefri Hernandez
- Rosell Herrera
- Angel Reyes
- Francisco Sosa (the only one of the DSL players who has played in Casper before; he began the season there in 2010 but returned to the DSL late in the season)
- Julian Yan

Assigned from Other American Teams or Extended Spring Training:
- Geoff Parker (who was also activated from the Disabled List where he was officially listed in EST)
- Jeremiah Sammy (from Tri-City Dust Devils)
- Jonathan Vargas (from EST)

Remained on Ghosts Roster from 2010:
- Alejandro Barraza
- Russell Brewer
- Matthew Crocker
- Robert De La Cruz
- Trevor Gibson
- David Kandilas
- Alving Mejias
- Michael Ramirez
- Jose Rivera
- Yafistel Roja
- William Swanner

A couple of players have been unassigned entirely from the organization. Their fates remain a mystery at this point, but it is likely these players were released.
- Blake Keitzman
- Clinton McKinney



- John Maine placed on the Suspended List.
- Andrew Johnston activated from the Reserve List.

Maine chose not to travel with the team on their road trip, which is a breech of contract and he was placed on the Suspended List as a result. Don't get the wrong impression though; Maine informed the team in advance that he was going to take some time off and think about his future. Maine has been incredibly displeased with his post-surgery performance, and is legitimately considering retirement. He may choose to return to the team and be activated, or leave.

Johnston was traveling with the team already, as he was on their Reserve List. This is exactly the kind of situation that was being anticipated regarding Johnston's position with the team.