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Rockies 4, Yankees 2: Welcome Back, Jason Giambi

Heading into New York, the big stage, the Rockies had to show up. AJ Burnett presented a shaky starter with all the capability of putting up a lockdown start, and the Yankees lineup that ranked out as the 2nd best in the majors, 2nd to the Boston Red Sox, was sure to give Rockies pitching fits.

With Ubaldo Jimenez coming off of a questionable - but decent - start against the Detroit Tigers, this game spelled certain doom for the Rockies. Ubaldo would surely fall apart early, the bats would all let a wild AJ Burnett run circles around them, and there was just no way the night would end on a positive.

Oh wait, it's not May anymore.



Rockies who were heroes:

Ubaldo Jimenez (.282 WPA, 7IP, 4H, 4BB, 7K, 2ER)

Jason Giambi (.148 WPA, 3-for-4, BB, HR)

Huston Street (.112 WPA, IP, SV)

Matt Reynolds (.105 WPA, IP, Perfecto)

Carlos Gonzalez (.094 WPA, 2-for-4, BB)


Rockies who weren't really heroes but we love them anyhow:

Charlie Blackmon (-.137 WPA, 0fer)

Chris Nelson (-1.01 WPA, 0fer, BB)


Roll Call: 

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