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2011 Rockies Game #76: Aaron Cook vs. CC Sabathia

The Rockies have been playing well, as per their usual, in Interleague contests thus far, but unfortunately, a key divisional rival has been playing even better. The Diamondbacks have gone 8-2, including two series sweeps and have won four in a row against AL foes. Overall, the NL West is 24-19 against the AL in 2011, mostly against the AL Central, so when American League fans tout their superiority, point this out as an indication that it's certainly not a uniform rule across divisions. In fact, after the AL East raced to a quick lead in Interleague play, you saw a bevy of SABR writers and others go back to the well of the league's vast superiority as something worth writing about, but they've been strangely silent as the NL has since closed the gap to a near .500 record overall in 2011. The AL probably remains the stronger league, but the gap in talent has been narrowing the last couple of seasons (a lot of this is thanks to the Phillies emerging as a Yankees/Red Sox style superpower) and that trend should continue, particularly as situations in Los Angeles, Washington and New York improve for NL teams in those major markets.

For the Rockies, this long term trend means an advantage they've had on the rest of the National League will disappear, but let's hope the team finds other ways, namely winning against their own division for once, to get it back.

As for today's contest, because the Rockies dominance in Interleague play attracts interest from all corners of the country, today's contest gets National broadcast treatment from FOX. They will be playing this little community squad from one of New York's lesser burroughs. The starting pitcher's name may seem familiar to National League fans, that's because he briefly played for that Wild Card Brewers team of a few years ago, but because he couldn't hack it at the plate or the pressure of real playoff/pennant chases, decided to cash in and go to the exhibition circuit we call the American League East. Similarly, the first baseman played for the Braves for a little while before making the same decision.

Next Game

Colorado Rockies
@ New York Yankees

Saturday, Jun 25, 2011, 11:05 AM MDT
Yankee Stadium

Aaron Cook vs CC Sabathia

Partly cloudy. Winds blowing out to center field at 5-10 m.p.h. Game time temperature around 75.

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I have a family gathering/cookout to go to this afternoon, so my availability to make overflows for this one, at least for the first part of the game, will be limited or non-existent, but I'll be back in time for a recap this afternoon/evening.