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Rockies Shake Up Bullpen: Brothers Promoted in Daley's Spot

In a long-awaited roster move, the Rockies have promoted 2009 1st rounder Rex Brothers to shore up the left-handed side of the bullpen.

Brothers, 23, has been posting stalwart numbers in AAA Colorado Springs. His 2.89 ERA over 25 outings has been bolstered by a 14.5 K/9. His 4.8 BB9 in the Springs has been a bit questionable, but a 3:1 K:BB ratio from a lefty is far from bad, especially when the punchout numbers are so strong.

Brothers won't be used as merely a lefty specialist, as some may think. Pitching coach Bob Apodaca has stated the importance that the bullpen is "7 deep". 

Ben Badler has praised Brothers' strikeout abilities as well, but thinks he'll be eased into his role:

Good stuff, command is questionable for high-leverage innings right now

Brothers spot in the bullpen comes at the expense of Matt Daley, who has been placed on the DL with a sore shoulder. Personally, I wonder if his sore shoulder was the cause of his 10.50 or if it's the other way around. Either way, Renck is reporting that it's a different shoulder pain than last season, but it's been hurting him since the StL series.

Brothers should be available to pitch today vs the Giants.