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Sunday Rockpile: Pride of Shelbyville called up by Rockies, but is roster shake-up complete?

So yesterday's big Rockies news besides the victory over the Giants was the call-up of Rex Brothersexciting his hometown of Shelbyville, Kentucky. Which, in turn, gives me license to post a Simpson's quote:  

Shelbyville Kid: "Wait a minute, If you're from Shelbyville, how come we've never seen you in school?"
Bart: "I don't go to school."
Shelbyville Kid: "Okay, what's two plus two?"
Bart: "Five..."
Shelbyville Kid: "Hmm, his story checks out..."

Meanwhile, Troy Tulowitzki's home region gets another close look at the Rockies shortstop this weekend, with the Bay Area native playing a big role in yesterday's victory. Silicon Valley Mercury News columnist Mark Purdy delves into what motivates the All-Star shortstop in a column out today.

Troy Renck dubs that region, at least the Giants part of it, "whine country" after Brian Sabean's remarks this week to a San Francisco area radio station vilifying Scott Cousins for his part in the Buster Posey injury.

During the off season, I mentioned that I figured Charlie Blackmon would surpass Seth Smith, due to some bad hitting habits the latter picked up last season as well as his more limited range, as the more valuable starting outfielder by midsummer. Well, I got the event right, just the wrong outfielder. Smith rebounded nicely, while Dexter Fowler's contact woes have caught  up with him. Right now Blackmon seems a better choice for center. The key issue would seem to be that all left handed hitting outfield might create some lineup concerns, but with right handed Ty Wigginton already replacing southpaw Ian Stewart in the infield, it's not as big an issue anymore. The only question is how long the Rockies will wait before making the switch? Yesterday's start of Eric Young Jr. in center seems to point to a shift there, but Young would be stopgap, not a permanent solution for the position.