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Coors Field Insider: Can't Sit Still At Rockies Games? Not to Worry.

Some days, when I go to Coors Field, park my car, bring in my peanuts, buy a Helton Burger, and watch the first few innings of the game or so, I start to get a little antsy in the pantsy. Can't sit still. I want to watch the game, but I don't want to sit in my section - or in any section, for that matter. Some of you may have friends with you who aren't as dialed-in on the game. Others may have brought their families and have kids who are already complaining about being bored - despite the fact that the Rockies are up 4-2 in the 4th and already have 2 on in the 5th with nobody out.

Sometimes you just need to get up and move around, but you don't want to miss any of the game.

Well, don't you worry, because like so many other aspects of attending Rockies games, Coors Field Has You Covered.

While not a unique-to-Coors feature, Coors' continuous concourse differentiates it from a lot of older parks, where the infield box seats and the outfield bleachers have their own distinct entrances and no connecting path within the park. There are 5 different entrances to the park: Home Plate, 1B, RF, LF, and the Rockpile/CF. No matter where your seats are in the stadium, you can get to them from any entrance.

So back to being all footloose and fancy-free, Coors' concourse allows you to just do laps of the field if you wish, with very few areas that you can't see the game. The only area on the concourse where you are completely obstructed from the playing field is when you walk underneath the Rockpile in CF directly behind the fountains: you need to walk through a nifty little tunnel thing before you get to the wall that Root Sports' Tom Helmer is becoming increasingly notorious for standing on top of. Outside of that short stretch, you can just wander around while still watching the game.

It seems a bit silly to talk about the best places to stand in a ballpark when you have a reserved seat, but some days you just want to wander and just kind of take in the ballpark rather than dial completely into the game. Some of my favorite games at Coors Field involved me sitting in my seats for like 45 minutes and then finding a good leanin' post over in the RF corner and watching the game from there. Other fringe benefit: You might just get the chance to meet some of the Root personalities, like Marc Stout or Alanna Rizzo (true story, Muzia, Fisher, mkorpal and I got to meet Alanna - sort of - during a day game when she came over to the RF corner to do a segment. I think some people watching from home saw us lurking in the background).

Other great standing-and-watching-before-moving-on spots include anywhere above the LF pavilion between the various concession stands and the rail, and ...well, really, anywhere.

Stick around, because next week we'll actually go somewhere with this whole "wander around Coors Field" thing, because I'll admit it's a bit intuitive that you can easily walk around a ballpark. Between food reviews, we'll let you know about great places that aren't in your seats for you to hang out for both adults and also for the kids that adults sometimes bring to games.

Until next week!