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2011 MLB Draft Day Two: Top Remaining Prospects.

The 1st round and the supplemental round are in the books. As you know, we picked twice yesterday, selecting Oregon's LHP Tyler Anderson with the 20th overall pick, and Texas highschooler Trevor Story with the 45th overall pick. There will be much analysis of these two kids in the coming days, but for now, our attention will be focused on day two of the draft, rounds 2-30. The Rockies will be on the clock with the 77th pick soon. After the jump, players you should know about who are still available.

Profiles and breakdowns after the jump.

Alex Dickerson, OF, Indiana

Big power threat currently playing the outfield. Both David and I really like the kid. He has an all around bat who will use all fields and take pitches where they are pitched to him. Red flag warning though, he has battled back issues in high school and will probably wind up at 1st base. But, the bat should still carry him.

Daniel Norris, LHP, Science Hill HS

Daniel has slid much lower than most experts projected him. I heard from Keith Law that he finished the season poorly. That, along with a strong commitment to Clemson has pushed him to day two. He has a solid low to mid 90's fastball, a plus curve, and feel for a change. At 77th, Norris would be a steal, as long as we can sign him.

Josh Bell, OF, Dallas Jesuit HS

Josh, coming into the draft, was often considered the best high school bat in the nation. He generates plus power from both sides of the plate. Reason he is still here? A few weeks before the draft he informed clubs that he would not be signing this year and instead would be attending the University of Texas. A team will still draft him and waive big bucks in front of him assuming that no right minded teenager would turn down the lottery.

Aaron Westlake, 1B, Vanderbilt

Aaron is a solid bat from 1B who uses all fields and has above average power. Bat speed may be an issue, but his approach at the plate can still carry him. He is also a good flexible receiver at 1st. This pick screams Rockies, considering our tendencies. Aaron available in the 2nd round is the main reason why I never wanted us to pick Cron in the 1st.

Andrew Susac, C, Oregon St.

Andrew is a well rounded catcher who could easily have been a high 1st rounder had he not broken his hamate bone. He still has high value at this point in the draft. He has plus arm strength as a catcher and with improvements in his receiving should have no problem sticking behind the plate. He has plus pop to the pull side for a catcher. His other hit tools rate at just average, but he should bat enough to be an above average catcher.

Other names to keep an eye on include RHP Anthony Meo, RHP Jorge Lopez, RHP Dillon Howard, C Austin Hedges, OF Derek Fisher, RHP Dillon Maples, and LHP Josh Osich.

One name you may know, who is available, and who I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole is LHP Matt Purke. Coming into the season, he was considered a potential 1st overall pick. But everything has gone wrong. He has major shoulder issues, no velocity, and is still asking for a massive bonus. I wouldn't be shocked if he is still on the board at the end of today.

So, who do I expect us to take in the 2nd round? Ha, what am I, psychic? At this point, there is no point projecting who will go where. Expect teams to select guys you have never heard of.

Quick interesting note, our 2008 72nd overall pick will be making his MLB debut tonight. Welcome to the show, Charlie.