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Sunday Rockpile: Rockies "not really" expecting to make impact move by deadline

According to the Denver Post, Rockies owner Dick Monfort doesn't expect the team to make "any really huge deals" by the trade deadline. If you've followed the team for the last few years, you might recognize this pattern of a team with high hopes at the start of the year failing on its promise and being too far out of contention at the All Star break to make any significant moves worthwhile. It's clearly not by design, but the Rockies clearly haven't figured out a solution to the late Spring malaise issue that's dogged them.

The Rockies have had teams call on Ubaldo Jimenez, but aren't shopping the starter. They'd listen to an "offer that makes sense" and give it "serious consideration" according to Ken Rosenthal, however. Added to the above link from the Denver Post, it makes it fairly clear that a sweep in Atlanta has shifted Colorado from on the fence into more of a seller's mode for 2011, if a light one as you'll see with the next link down. If Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzki are off the table, then Jimenez would easily be the Rockies most valuable asset in trade, and trading him would restock a system that's fallen behind a couple of divisional peers in talent. Trading Ubaldo would also be a difficult sell to Rockies fans, given that Jimenez has been the team's best pitcher in franchise history. Given this and Jimenez's low cost through 2014, I imagine it would take a very significant package of talent to even get a trade like this off the ground. I'm guessing it's just due diligence for the Rockies to listen, and wouldn't expect to see Jimenez in any other uniform this year or next.

Dan O'Dowd doesn't bring up Jimenez  as a possible trade piece in an ASB state of the team piece by Troy Renck, but he doesn't identify any other pieces either, after dismissing a couple. He does say that he thinks that Jimenez could reel of ten wins after the break and needs to step up to be a dynamic 1-2 punch with Jhoulys ChacinLast night's performance makes this seem very possible.

Former Rockies lucky defensive binkie Omar Quintanilla is back in the big leagues with Texas.