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Game 95: Shaun Marcum vs. Aaron Cook

Today, the Rockies go for a series victory against Milwaukee...*looks at calendar*, the Rockies will try to make a game of it...*looks at who is starting for Colorado*, Colorado will try to salvage a modicum of self-respect... *realizes who is writing the game wrap*...the Rockies will play a game today. They will probably lose.

After all, they've lost the past 12 Sundays, Colorado has their worst starter going against Milwaukee's best (so far this year), and I will not be attending this game. The Rockies' perfect record when I am in attendance in 2011 couldn't survive Cory Blaser's incompetence, and I figured that attending three games in a row was probably enough. As a result, the odds are very much stacked against the Rockies today.

I hope that Aaron Cook reads this and wins this game out of spite. I really do. It probably won't happen, but gee whiz, wouldn't that be swell?

Shaun Marcum

#18 / Pitcher / Milwaukee Brewers





Dec 14, 1981

Aaron Cook

#28 / Pitcher / Colorado Rockies





Feb 08, 1979

Crazier things have happened.