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Monday Off Topic

So I woke up to a weird experience this morning.

I get up all groggy, as I'd been up relatively late writing all of today's articles, and I see an email in my inbox from my ex's mom. This is really unusual, and I kind of groan, expecting something of the following:

1. I used to be on their family's cell plan, so I'm thinking "Jeez, it's been over a year, what's the deal with this?"

2. Their email got hacked, and I'm somehow getting random emails from them about genital enlargement or cheap prescription drugs being shipped in a knockoff Prada bag.

3. Something far more personal and unforeseen that I would not want to deal with in general.

Turns out that my name was drawn on KBCO to go see some band at the Soiled Dove that I'd never heard of, and she just wanted to let me know.

Does this ever happen to you guys? Getting randomly contacted by your ex's friends/family over innocuous things, but your initial reaction is "oh damn"?