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Saturday Rockpile: The Official "Ty Wigginton for All-Star" Thread

Ranking the season's best players who won't play in the All-Star game -- MLB - ESPN

Todd Helton appears on Buster Olney's list of the best players likely to be snubbed for this year's All-Star game at Chase Field in Phoenix. As much as I love Todd (he is my all-time fave, after all), I can't see any non-homer reason to put him ahead of Prince Fielder and Joey Votto. Todd's wRC+ of 132 equals his marks in 2007 and 2009, and his current 2.3 WAR is on pace to match that of 2007 (when he notched a 4.6 WAR). If the National League decides to go with three first basemen, then maybe Todd has a shot. However, odds are long that the 37-year-old phenom will make it to Phoenix.

One guy that isn't even on Olney's list should be given a bit more of a look is none other than Rockies' third baseman Ty Wigginton. Not more than three weeks ago, this would have been considered a laughable suggestion, and I would have wholeheartedly agreed. However, fast forward to July 2nd, and you'll see Wiggy ranking second among National League third basemen (that have anything close to a qualifying amount of plate appearances) with a wRC+ of 120. He trails only Chase Headley, who will likely also be snubbed. Wiggy probably has a better case than Headley at this point, though, as he has out-homered him 13 to 2, strikes out less, and isn't assisted by an absurd BABIP (Headley's is .388; Wigginton's is just .277).

The Giants' Pablo Sandoval (with considerably less PA's) is tied with Wigginton on the wRC+ leaderboard, followed by guys like Aramis Ramirez, Ryan Roberts, Chipper Jones, and way down the list, you'll see the NL's leading vote-getter at the hot corner - Placido Polanco, with a 94 wRC+.

Wiggy's no stranger to the All-Star Game, as he made it in the "superior" league last year as a member of the Orioles. Frankly, he should be there this year too - and this is coming from a guy who admittedly has not been the biggest Ty Wigginton fan in the world.

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