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Thursday Rockpile: To make a splash or make a crash as a seller at the deadline.

How about this for the big game changing trade for the Rockies 2012  -something that will transform the Rox from the sub .500 team that they've become back into the competitive team we've been expecting the last two years. So here it is: the Rockies deal Rafael Betancourt or Ty Wigginton to the Twins for Kevin Slowey. Yes, yes, I get that the Rockies have a weakness at second base, but we have a "championship-caliber player" there in Mark Ellis whom we can easily re-sign this offseason. I get that there's still some question with the production in the outfield and at third, and that we don't know who's going to replace Todd Helton eventually, but don't you see? Kevin Slowey can fix all that. You might not realize this, but Slowey was once (prior to 2007) rated the #71 prospect in all of baseball by Baseball America.

Alright... so that's not doing it for you. Okay, what about Matt Lindstrom for Slowey? No? Belisle for Slowey?

Okay, okay, I get it. No Slowey. Alright... Ryan Spilborghs to the Red Sox for cash considerations.  You can do a lot with cash. I mean, were this a lot of cash we were talking about you could do a lot with it. Maybe the Rockies can invest early in a pyramid scheme and get out quick like the Wilpon's did with the Mets a few years back. Of course, there's going to be blow back once everybody gets caught, but the Mets were still able to land Zack Wheeler yesterday, so it can't be all bad a course of action.

Still no?

So that's where some of us, including Dan O'Dowd fairly early and Troy Renck now, have come to the conclusion that Ubaldo Jimenez is the only chip that can be moved on the Rockies right now that will be able to make a significant positive impact on the team's likelihood of competing over the next two years, of course with that important caveat of the young players coming back not stalling in their development. (CLARIFICATION UPDATE: Renck's not in favor of a Jimenez trade, per se, he just realizes the tough spot the team is in. In a subsequent tweet, Renck says he'd try to move Ubaldo during the offseason, which may end up happening anyway if the Rockies terms aren't met.)

Sure, some can dream on a world where a GM can spin a few relievers and a Christian Friedrich type of prospect out into the universe and get a young, impact, potential All-Star talent back at CF, but I'm pretty sure that's a just a fairy tale that Canadian parents tell their kids. It doesn't really happen in real life.

Alright prepare for another barrage of rumors today while we again hash out the merits and demerits of an Ubaldo trade, and who knows, this close to the deadline, we might actually see some action for once.