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Saturday Rockpile: Ubaldo Jimenez to Make Last Start as a Rockie Tonight?

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Rockies waiting for a decision on Jimenez - The Denver Post
Troy Renck mentions the one thing that we're all thinking - that tonight could be Ubaldo Jimenez's last start in a Rockies uniform. Ubaldo's thinking about it, too. He also further downplayed the notion (made up by the New York media, of course) that his relationship with Bob Apodaca is a poor one.

In the footnotes, Renck says that the Padres have interest in Chris Iannetta, but that it would be a rough fit for the Padres due to CDI's contract and the fact that they have a decent starting catcher already in Nick Hundley. In addition, the Twins could be targeting bullpen guys such as Rafael Betancourt, Matt Belisle, and Matt Lindstrom - all of whom are perceived to be available.

Ubaldo Jimenez Rumors: Saturday: MLB Rumors -
Keep up on all of the Ubaldo trade mongering here, as Tim Dierkes has done an excellent job of compiling loads of information. Anyway, the top bullet point says that the Rockies could lower their price on Jimenez at some point today - which is foolish in my opinion - but it still may not be to the point where the Yankees feel comfortable. The Rockies need to keep the heat turned up in regards to Ubaldo - no taking the foot off the gas now. Keep those demands sky-high!

Dierkes also notes that the Tigers may be out of the race for Jimenez, leaving the Indians, Red Sox, Blue Jays, Reds, and Yankees as potential suitors. The Blue Jays have the best to offer in terms of legit prospects and their potential ceiling. The Reds, however, have the best package of players that can help the Rox right away. It all depends on what Dan O'Dowd wants more.

Moss: Surging Rosario has eye on Rox - The Denver Post
Last week, we linked a piece by Keith Law that mentioned Wilin Rosario as being close to the majors. This week, Irv Moss has written the same thing - that Rosario has heard rumblings that he'll be in Denver as early as the first part of August.