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2011 Rockies Game #87: Aaron Cook vs. Jair Jurrjens

This kind of game always worries me when the situation's reversed. Such an obvious advantage, at home, with the team ace going up against a mediocre bottom of the rotation veteran and an opposing lineup hobbled by injuries to its star players, instantly gives it that "yeah, but with a little luck on their end, this could become a very embarrassing situation," feeling. It's so obviously a winnable game for the Braves tonight that it becomes a trap to them, and freedom to the Rockies. We're not talking about losing the heavy burden of expectations, we're talking about reverse expectations giving them a parachute to actually provide them lift in this game. The chip on the shoulder needs to return, the us against the world that expects us to be dead swagger, all of that. Tonight's as good a time as any to get it.


On a scheduling note, due to a prior conflict, I'm not going to be around the computer to post overflow threads tonight. I should be back toward the end of the game, especially since the offense is going to go crazygonuts in this one, right?