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2011 Rockies Game #118: Kevin Millwood vs. Mike Leake

The Rockies dominance against Cincinnati hasn't really brought the team back to where a run for a division win is in sight, but it has brought Colorado within half a game of the Reds and Marlins, one behind the Pirates and within two of the Nationals. Yep, with a great start, Kevin Millwood could drop the Rockies draft 2012 draft position from 10th to a tie for 12th. With a sweep of the series tomorrow, it's conceivable the Rockies could be down to the 14th pick.

Millwood, as you can probably tell by the picture, has become a hired gun late in his career, moving around from organization to organization with little regard to whether said org's are good or evil. The money is always green. The Rockies happened to have a need for such a mercenary, which sets tonight's game up as a classic spaghetti western, or if you prefer, a Kurosawa style samurai story. We'll see if this particular one has a happy ending as he tries to lead this ragtag group back from the brink of disaster.