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Thursday Rockpile: Welcome to Pomerica

Aaron Cook possibly had his best start of the season last night, a start that as the link explains, could have ramifications on the player's future with Colorado, but it seems this morning that all of the Rockies focus last night, and a large part of the focus of Rockies fans was a bit southeast from there. Namely Tulsa, where as you've read in the Pebble Report by now (if you weren't already aware) Drew Pomeranz dominated the Midland Rockhounds to make a rather impressive opening statement about where he views his own future with the Rockies organization.

With Rockies brass Dan O'Dowd and Bill Geivett in attendance, as well as a media contingent from the Denver Post, Pomeranz didn't shrink under the spotlight and instead pitched perfectly through six innings, and finished solidly in the seventh. To the Tulsa World he added:

"I wanted to be efficient and their batters were aggressive at the plate. I stayed good in the counts and I think that's the best pace I've had all year."

So the kid made good and the Rockies now have a decision to make about how soon they want to promote him. As O'Dowd explained to the Post in the second link in the first paragraph, the Rockies aren't going to rush Pomeranz for public relations, but starts last like night show he might not have much more to gain from staying in the minors.

Meanwhile, there are a couple more Rockies links and one more Drillers link to go through this morning: