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Purple Row Radio - August 1 (2), 2011

Purple Row Radio
Purple Row Radio

Uploading issues continue, but we're back again. Until this issue is resolved, expect episodes to be posted sometime on Tuesdays. Once again, this episode is in two parts. They can be listened to back to back.

On this edition, Zombie Andrew and I discuss the following topics and more:
- The Denver Museum of Nature and Science.
- The trade deadline around the NL West, including discussion on Carlos Beltran, Brad Ziegler, and confusion about Trayvon Robinson.
- The Ubaldo Jimenez trade.
- What other contributions Jimenez made to the organization beyond actual game performance, including a radical change on the perception of pitchers in Coors Field.
- We break down the four new Rockies players (or three, until Drew Pomeranz can be traded in two weeks).
- Why do the two of us find it foolish that the organization wants to immediately convert Joe Gardner into a reliever?
- More on the roster crunch: who is at risk to be traded post-deadline, or let go in the offseason?

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Two direct links below, embedded players after the jump.
Purple Row Radio - August 1 Part 1
Purple Row Radio - August 1 Part 2


Part One



Part Two