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Sunday Rockpile: TF.

So you know how seemingly in every 2011 game thread we get WTF questions? Well it seems we're finally getting answers to TF. Or, since this is Purple Row, that probably should be THHP, as in "What the Holy Hockey Puck just happened?" Since that's the most colorful language we ever use.


The Rockies traded Ubaldo Jimenez!!!??? WTF?!!!?!!!

TF: Jimenez lacked confidence, seemingly everybody in baseball outside Colorado and sabermetric circles saw him as a #2 starter pitching like a #3, so in this view, the Rockies got a great deal.

WTF happened to the Rockies mental toughness?!?!!! It's a chore to watch them play because it seems to be a chore for them to play.

TF: Yeah, what we're seeing isn't lost on anybody. The Rockies are being too nice to each other.

Jason Hammel, you used to be good, WTF happened?

TF: Alex White will replace Jason Hammel in the rotation for Tuesday's start. 

Drew Pomeranz, you still have an appendix, proving you're mortal and a human, WTF is up with that?

TF: Pomeranz no longer has an appendix.

Kyle Parker, your HAR could be off the charts in the majors, but WTF are you still doing in Asheville?

TF: Working on defense and a swing "that can get a little long" according Joe Mikulik. Speaking of Rockies QB's, apparently there was a chance that the team could have added another, as Brady Quinn contemplated a career change.