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Game 128: Chad Billingsley vs. Kevin Millwood

It's a recipe for yet another Sunday matinee slaughter. It's a guy who always seemed to find his way on to my fantasy team (until this year) against a guy who has never even been considered for my fantasy team. Okay, so Chad Billingsley isn't quite the pitcher he was over the last few years and Kevin Millwood hasn't been terrible in his short stint with Colorado either, but 125 straight days (?!?) without a Sunday victory (and a winning game wrap) makes this intrepid writer a little reluctant to hope.

Chad Billingsley

#58 / Pitcher / Los Angeles Dodgers





Jul 29, 1984


Kevin Millwood

#40 / Pitcher / Colorado Rockies





Dec 24, 1974

This week will be different than the 17 that preceded it because...well, I'll be at the game for one thing. The last time I went to a Sunday game this year, the Rockies won despite starting Alan Johnson. Yes, that was in April. Yes, I should go to more Sunday games. No, I don't have the money for season tickets. Yes, if I were given a spot in the press box I would go to more games. No, Rockies brass, this isn't a shameless plea for press box privileges, but I certainly wouldn't refuse them.

Uh...that certainly got off track. My point is that win or lose, the game wrap will take several hours to appear after the game's conclusion.