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Monday Off Topic

Let's see, what did I do with my weekend...

Took a half day on Friday and almost had lunch with Rob Neyer. Instead, I had lunch with Muzia. The incredibly cute waitress suggested we were on a date. Here's another question: how do you ask out an incredibly cute waitress? Followup question: SHOULD you? I'm the WORST at discerning whether or not a friendly customer service person is just friendly or flirting. It's like 99% the former, but I'm still holding out hope for the latter.

Then we went and saw the dinosaur museum because why wouldn't we.

Then, Star Trek and passing out cold on the couch.

Then I roasted on Saturday at the game

Then I took my Mom to the Brown Palace for afternoon tea on her birthday (belated).

That was my weekend.

Yours? Did it involve that Thrones thing?