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Monday Pebble Report: Nolan Arenado Awesome Even When Pinch Hitting


AAA Colorado Springs Sky Sox (58-71, 3rd PCL Pacific North, 12.5GB)

Sky Sox 5, Bees 6

Good games for: Ryan Spilborghs and his rehab assignment had a 2-hit day, Mike Paulk had 2 singles and a double, and Scott Beerer and Ryan Rohlinger added 2 hit days of their own. Downside: Greg Reynolds allowed 5 runs in 6 innings - although he did punch out 8 batters while only walking one. Keith Weiser added a run of his own, bringing his PCL ERA to 3.38 in 19 innings.

The Sky Sox DID make a stab at winning the game, scoring a run in the 9th inning, but ultimately fell short.


AA Tulsa Drillers (58-67, 3rd TEX North, 8.5GB)

Drillers 2, RoughRiders 7

Quality start for Rob Scahill, allowing 6 hits over 6 innings while striking out 6. He walked 1 batter, allowed 3 runs (1ER thanks to 5th inning errors by Wilin Rosario and Hector Gomez), and walked away with a L. Casey Weathers continues to disappoint, walking 6 batters and allowing 3 runs in his inning+ of work (pitched to 3 batters in the 8th as well). Not a hit allowed, but 3 runs crossed. I feel awful for the guy, but his days are numbered with the organization.

Wilin Rosario hit his 19th homer of the season, and Tommy Field (still sounds weird saying it like that) notched 2 of the Drillers' 5 hits. Team was 0-5 with RISP.


A+ Modesto Nuts (34-22 in the 2nd half, 67-59 overall in the CAL North)

Nuts 6, Rawhide 1

After quickly scanning the lineup, I thought "Wow, Nolan Arenado doesn't have a hit OR an RBI today. What's the deal with that?" then I realized that he PH in the 8th and doubled in 3 runs. I can't wait to see what this guy does in Tulsa next season.

Chad Bettis pitched 5 innings, allowing 3 hits, 1 run, 0 walks, punched out 3. That was the extent of Visalia's offense, as Chad Rose (3IP) and Kurt Yacko (1IP) finished the game in 2-hit shutout fashion.

A Asheville Tourists (60-65, 4th SAL Southern, 14GB)


Tourists 13, Braves 5

I'm just completely disappointed that I can't rave about Bryce Massanari in this game, but I think I'll be ok. Everyone in the Tulsa lineup had at least 1 hit, and only Christian Adames and Mark Tracy had less than 2. Avery Barnes, Brett Tanos, Corey Dickerson, and Joey Wong all sent longballs, and Dickerson had a 4-RBI night. Funny story though, the Tourists struck out 10 times on the night. Kyle Parker was among those who had 2 hits, bringing his SAL batting line to .283/.364/.486, 20HR, 90RBI.

Oh, right, pitching. Tyler Matzek didn't have his best stuff - sort of - on Sunday. He struck out 9 and walked only 2, which is just bringing the straight nasty, but he also allowed 7 hits (including a home run), which is just the ultimate sin in the Marshall system from what I've come to understand. Final line, 7 innings, 4R, 9K, 2BB. Matzek's overall season numbers are still less than pretty, but he's definitely been on the uptick since returning from his private remedial assignment. 



A- Tri City Dust Devils (16-10 2nd half, 38-26 overall, 1st NOR East, 7 Games Up)


Dust Devils 0, Indians 1

3 days ago, Christian Bergman threw his 2nd complete-game shutout of the season. He struck out 2, and only allowed 3 baserunners, all on hits. Yesterday, Tyler Gagnon decided to try and match that. He fell a little short, but not nearly as badly as expected. Gagnon pitched an out into the 6th before being pulled, allowing 2 hits, 3 walks, striking out 7 and allowing just 1 run to cross. The Devils' bullpen held on, but the bats just weren't able to contribute much of anything as Tri City was 4-hit.



Rk Casper Ghosts (22-37, 4th PIO South, 13GB)


Ghosts 6, Mustangs 10

We all know by now that pitching in Casper is a fool's errand. Daniel Winkler was forced to join the fools, going only 4 innings, allowing 4 runs, 7 hits, 3 strikeouts, 3 walks. Upside: his season ERA only jumped to 3.86. Kyle Roliard and Matthew Crocker allowed another 6 runs in even less impressive fashion, and despite some strong offensive performances, the Ghosts weren't able to take the top half of the doubleheader.


Ghosts 7, Mustangs 4

In the bottom half of this double header, Alving Mejias almost matched the starting performance of the first half, going 4 innings while allowing 4 runs (3ER). The difference is that the Ghosts offense was actually backed up by 3 strong scoreless innings from Michael Wolford and Alejandro Barraza. Rosell Herrera hit his 5th homer of the Pioneer League and Carl Thomore notched his 2nd.


DSL Rockies

Off Day