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Saturday Rockpile: Rockies Won't Stop. Belieeeving.

Bob Davidson and his umpiring crew were late to last night's game due to a freeway accident.  Perhaps their tardiness left little patience for a long, close game, as the umpires certainly inserted themselves in the game last night.  The loss puts the Rockies at a full ten games back with just 30 games to go.  

Something about that home sweep against MLB's worst team has people talking though.  Troy Renck has quotes from Tulo, Cargo, Chacin, Giambi and Street saying they believe there is a still a playoff run in the Rockies.

"It's better when people write us off and continue to overlook us," shortstop Troy Tulowitzki said.

Unfortunately for Tulo, the Rockies' reputation precedes them.  So while all other teams ten games out are written off nationally, a few wins against very poor teams and their chances at a playoff push are given significant weight.  If the Rockies need to be written off before they can make a run, Rocktober is the curse that blocks them from doing just that.  They will never be written off.

Carlos Gonzalez' ridiculous power surge certainly is making believers.  The Rockies' left fielder center fielder right fielder has a 13-game hitting streak, 10-game RBI streak and has 8 home runs in the last two weeks.

Even more impressive than CarGo of late has been Rafael Betancourt.  Even though Huston Street and Matt Lindstrom were activated from the disabled list yesterday, Jim Tracy has elected to keep Betancourt in the closer role.  Why?  In 16.2 IP since the All-Star Break, Betancourt has struck out 28 of the 57 men he has faced, walked one and has allowed zero runs.  Conversely, Street struck out 11 against two walks in ten innings since the break, but he allowed eight runs by virtue of three home runs and four doubles.

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Dave Krieger: O'Dowd must rebuild the Rockies' rotation - The Denver Post  I am in full agreement with Dave Kreiger here.  While Jose Lopez and Ian Stewart completely flopped, we knew on Opening Day there was a possibility of such a disappointment.  The rotation though, was supposed to be this team's strength.  Only Jhoulys Chacin has provided what we hoped, and even he has taken a worrisome turn in the control department.  If we turn our hopes of contending from 2011 to 2012, the rotation needs work.

Rockies farm roundup: Matzek strikes out 13 | Inside the Colorado Rockies  In case this isn't covered in a Pebble Report, you need to know.  That is 13 strikeouts in 7 innings, two hits, two walks and one run.  Matzek now has 58 K's and 31 BB's in 48 IP since his return to the organization, including 21 K's and 4 BB's over 14 IP in his last two starts.  Also encouraging, he has worked 7 IP in four of his last 5 starts after failing to work past five before leaving for California.

Irv Moss: Modesto's Arenado having a Tulowitzki-like season - The Denver Post  If that comp raises an eyebrow, it should, but it should also be noted the comp is not a pontification of Moss, rather it was based on a quote from Senior Director of Player Development Marc Gustafson. Arenado, who is a confident cage rat, wants to make the Rockies think about letting him jump to the Rockies big league club in the spring.  It won't happen, but the drive is admirable.