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Purple Row Radio Interview with KCSF AM 1300

I had the opportunity yesterday afternoon to appear once again on the Pauley and Wheelz show for KCSF AM 1300 the Sports Animal, a Colorado Springs based radio station. In the 10 minute clip linked below the jump, we discuss (among other things) the Ubaldo Jimenez trade, Colorado's lack of other deadline activity, and the potential for an Ian Stewart trade this off-season.

You'll no doubt notice that the opinions I use in this interview regarding the trade don't necessarily jive with the opinions I espoused in today's Rockpile. There are a few reasons for this:

1. Radio is a very different medium than the blogosphere. I'm trying to be clear to a broad range of fans, so I didn't bring concepts like surplus value or WAR projection into any of my points.

2.I treat these interviews as if I'm representing Purple Row as a whole, so I tried in this interview to give input that better reflected what I saw as the opinion of Purple Row rather than purely my own take. As a whole, I think that the community is of the opinion that this move was good to replenish Colorado's pitching depth, so I went with that opinion on air.

3. I really do like Pomeranz and White as prospects -- I just think they're very risky to project as having significant MLB success.

Purple Row Radio Interview with KCSF AM 1300