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Transactions Notes: 8/25/11 - 8/31/11

Not a lot of transactions this week, but expect them to pick up across the entire organization in September.


No transactions.



- Huston Street activated from the 15 Day Disabled List.
- Matt Lindstrom activated from the 15 Day Disabled List.
- Josh Roenicke optioned to AAA Colorado Springs and placed on the Reserve List.
- J.C. Romero optioned to AAA Colorado Springs and placed on the Reserve List.

The Rockies saw two important figures return to their bullpen to start off the week. Both Roenicke and Romero were primed for September callups, and Roenicke got to come back a game early, as you'll see later. The most unique part of this story is the option of Romero, who has more than enough service time to refuse an optional assignment. It's rare you see someone optioned to the minors unless the movie is guaranteed (a "free option", or what most people know as "option years". The organization probably went to Romero and explained that they intended to activate Street and Lindstrom, and needed his roster spot. With September coming up, Romero would have a chance to be reactivated, get some late-season playing time if he stayed with us rather than declaring free agency after the option. Better than sitting in free agency for a month to end the season, Romero clearly accepted and should be back as soon as he's eligible. Both Roenicke and Romero were placed on the Reserve list, so no corresponding moves were necessary immediately.

- Matt McBride placed on the 7 Day Disabled List.
- James Cesario activated from the 7 Day Disabled List.

McBride has already had multiple trips to the DL since coming over from Cleveland in the Ubaldo Jimenez trade. Cesario had spent just over one month on the disabled list.


- Josh Roenicke activated from the Reserve List.
- J.C. Romero activated from the Reserve List.
- Ryan Rohlinger outrighted to AAA Colorado Springs.
- Andrew Johnston placed on the 7 Day Disabled List.
- Warren Schaeffer placed on the 7 Day Disabled List.
- Blake Johnson placed on the 7 Day Disabled List.

Busy day for the Sky Sox. Roenicke and Romero were activated, with struggling relievers Johnston and Johnson (heh) DL bound, with a left ankle sprain and a right hamstring strain, respectively. Infielder Schaeffer to the DL as well with a right ankle sprain made room to the recently DFA'd Ryan Rohlinger to return to active duty after clearing waivers. Rohlinger does not have the service time or a previous outright to declare free agency now or at the end of the season, meaning Rohlinger is still under contract with us for the 2012 season, as a 2006 draftee.


No transactions.



No transactions.



- Beau Seabury placed on the 7 Day Disabled List.
- Michael Ramirez assigned to A+ Modesto Nuts from RK Casper Ghosts.

No reason was given for catcher Seabury's trip to the DL, but he hadn't been playing for quite some time. Ramirez had been promoted to Tulsa while Wilin Rosario was at the Futures Game, so a fill-in at a higher level isn't new to him.



- Jason Hammel placed on the Paterity List.
- Josh Roenicke recalled from AAA Colorado Springs.

This is a rare transaction, and even some of my more reliable transactions sources aren't sure of the specifics. My understanding is that this is similar to going on the Inactive List as a minor leaguer. I do not know if Hammel is earning service time or not; there are arguments in favor of both. Roenicke had not spent the full 10 days down on assignment, meaning that this move is trated like a DL stint in the sense that a player can be recalled for replacement regardless how long they've been on optional assignment. The Sky Sox did not have time to make a move to fill Roenicke's roster spot. Look for that in next week's edition.