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Sunday Rockpile: Rockies rushing their rookies, but what else are they going to do?

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"Not even close," is how Jim Tracy describes Saturday starter Alex White and today's starter Drew Pomeranz in terms of where the Rockies expect the pitchers to be next Spring to the Denver Post's Jim Armstrong. White is still dealing with a torn tendon in the middle finger of his pitching hand. Pomeranz is three weeks removed from an appendectomy and lacks his typical arm strength. So Rockies fans are getting a heavy dose of what rebuilding would look like with the pair in late 2011, but the team's spin on the matter is that 2012 will be different. That said, while not quite ready for the big show, both White and Pomeranz aren't going to be getting any more ready for steady MLB production anywhere else right now. This part of the development phase for minor leaguers is typically the hardest to take, as it's impacting the W/L record at the major league level, and this is where you will see fans and sometimes front offices give up too early on players.

The Rockies have seen a large influx of talent from the AA minor league level in 2011, and regardless of how talented or potential laden the group is, that rate of turnover is typically a sign of a team that's bound for inconsistency at best in the next couple of seasons as players adjust to play at the MLB level.

What the Rockies need to accelerate this adjustment and smooth the inconsistency is additional major league help:

Troy Renck: Carlos Gonzalez's request of Rockies: "We need help" - The Denver Post

There it is again, what we've been talking about for the last few weeks, what we will continue to talk about during the off-season is that the team as presently constructed is not good enough to win the division. It needs additional parts, key parts in both the rotation and lineup, as I think Renck's suggestion of Carl Pavano undershoots what's needed.

That said, Jim Tracy is appreciative of fans' support this season as the Rockies limp to a fourth place finish, ten games below .500. The Rockies attendance will help pay for the kind of talent the team needs (whether it's payroll added through free agency or trade, payroll needs to be added.)


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