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Friday Link Dump: Odds and Ends

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Once I hit the 1000 word threshold on this morning's Rockpile, it became apparent that links would be absolutely overkill. So here's what you missed:

Sports Blogs " Most Valuable Blogger " CBS Denver

Purple Row won the Editor's Choice on CBS Denver's Most Valuable Blogger competition! Our neighbor Mile High Report won the People's Choice, so congrats to them as well!

Rockies’ CarGo re-injures right wrist; Panda hits for cycle | On the Rox — Colorado Rockies news — Denver Post 

Carlos Gonzalez, while playing RF, hurt his wrist again. My advice? Shut him down. Call up Garner. Field a AAA team. It doesn't matter, and the injury risk to Cargo is absolutely not worth putting up a good fight against other also-rans.

Rockies Tulowitzki hoping to avoid being shut down; Helton day to day | On the Rox — Colorado Rockies news — Denver Post

Hey, remember that thing about Carlos Gonzalez? Yeah, shut Tulowitzki down too. Oh, and Helton's trick back? Shut him down.

MAYBE give them the start on the last home game of the season, MAYBE, just so they can tip their caps to the fans. If you have to immediately pull Helton for Giambi, do it, but there's no reason to play either of these guys the rest of the season. Call up ANYONE to take some SS duties (and yes, I'm willing to give Radames Nazario or whoever a call just to finish the season if Tommy Field can't do it. It doesn't matter at this point.)

More past the jump

Rockies' Aaron Cook scheduled to start Wednesday for final time - The Denver Post

This is kind of sad. Kind of really sad. Aaron Cook is getting the start on the final home game of the 2012 season, likely his last start with the Rockies.

Rockies to start Cook in final home game | News

"He's made a lot of significant contributions to the success of this ballclub over the course of the last few years, dating back to 2007," Tracy said. "He well deserves that opportunity."

You... you do realize he's been with the club a lot longer than that, right?

Broxton suffers setback, likely done for season | News

There's a chance that Broxton may not be a Dodger in 2012. Does Matt Lindstrom fill the Rockies' quota of fireballers, or do you think Broxton is worth a look?

Inbox: How much will Twins spend in 2012 | News

Michael Cuddyer is a Type-A free agent. Not only is he not worth overpaying in FA, he's not worth overpaying AND losing a draft pick for.

Twitter / @BiertempfelTrib: Hurdle: #Pirates tried to ...

Apparently the Buccos wanted Matt Pagnozzi before they wanted Michael McKenry. Weird. They should have taken Eliezer Alfonzo. He would've worked well with Maholm or something.

Krieger: A "minor" problem for Rockies in Colorado Springs - The Denver Post

If you weren't aware yet, the Rockies are going to spend a little on their babymama in Colorado Springs and buy her a nice shiny humidor they can flash around to all their PCL girlfriends.

Twitter / @Alden_Gonzalez: @JimBowdenESPNxm It would ...

Logan Morrison for Ozzie Guillen. Can we trade Jim Tracy for Logan Morrison?

Florida Marlins: Would-be free agent Omar Infante rejects first contract offer – Florida Marlins – Sun-Sentinel

Not really Rockies news, but Infante was laughably a major part of the Dan Uggla trade. Infante has proceeded to be less than good (88 wRC+), and while he's still valuable, a Multi-year proposal? Seriously?