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Game 152: Matt Cain vs. Esmil Rogers

It looks like it will be a nice Sunday afternoon today, so at least we'll get this game in. Colorado is looking to avoid the four game sweep against the Giants, but the pitching matchup is hardly conducive to this goal, as 6th starter extraordinaire Esmil Rogers and a bunch of callow prospects takes on Rockie killer Matt Cain and...okay, the Giants' offense isn't much, but Matt Cain!

Matt Cain

#18 / Pitcher / San Francisco Giants





Oct 01, 1984


Esmil Rogers

#48 / Pitcher / Colorado Rockies





Aug 14, 1985

Here's damning evidence against Rogers continuing in a starting role next year: his WHIP is 1.80. That means that in an average inning Rogers at the very least has put a runner in scoring position. The fact that the Rockies are giving Rogers starts instead Jason Hammel is somewhat worrisome to me. Mr. Cain's WHIP is a mere 1.07, part of what has sneakily been his best season as a pitcher. Well, we can always hope that some regression to his career low HR rate happens today.

As for me, I'll be attending the Broncos game and watching this game on DVR later, so the wrap will be up late.