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Tuesday Rockpile: Todd and Tulo May Return Tonight

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For the second consecutive season, the Rockies are mailing it in over the past couple weeks of the season.  For the first time since Clint Hurdle's last five home games as Rockies manager, Colorado has lost five consecutive home games.  It hasn't been particularly close.

Against the 2nd and 3rd lowest scoring offenses in MLB, Colorado has been outscored 43-18 in five straight losses.  Embarrassing.  Sure, the Rockies have reasons to finish well, but they aren't much playing like it.  And it has Jim Tracy all pissed off and motivated:

"We'd like to gain a little steam and win some of these final 10 games. Mentally it makes you feel better."

In an attempt to win some of the final ten games, Tracy is going to field a line-up with major leaguers again.

Troy Tulowitzki, Todd Helton won't be shut down for the season | News  Tulowitzki and Helton might return as soon as tonight.  That could make tonight's game more enjoyable for those who will attend.  For what it's worth, there are 1st level tickets above the scoreboard for $2ea, and midfield 1st level tickets for $5/ea.

A large part of the Rockies' struggles of late have been a result of injuries pushing young rookies into the lineup.  Jordan Pacheco, Wilin Rosario, Thomas Field, Hector Gomez and Eric Young Jr. have all seen significant playing time in the last two weeks.  Not all of them have performed poorly:

2011 - Jordan Pacheco 12 45 2 13 0 0 2 8 2 4 0 0 .289 .333 .422

Pacheco's play has gotten him essentially back to where he was in spring training:

Triple-A catcher Jordan Pacheco could have utility role with Colorado Rockies next year at first, third - The Denver Post

Baseball Prospectus | Divide and Conquer, NL West: Thirty-Two Short Films About Aaron Cook  Geoff Young (Ducksnorts) devoted an entire article to obscure facts about Aaron Cook, who will undoubtedly make his final start in a Rockies' uniform tomorrow.  Most of the facts are pertaining to Cook's longevity and inability to strike guys out, like the man he has struck out 3rd most in his career is Brandon Webb.

  • Cook has pitched 1,307 1/3 innings in his career (and a K/9 under 4.0). The next-highest innings total by an active pitcher with a K/9 below 4 is 104, by Detroit Tigers southpaw Brad Thomas (3.9 K/9).
  • The highest innings total among all active pitchers with a K/9 lower than Cook's is 89 2/3, by his teammate, Greg Reynolds (3.6 K/9).
  • Astros Revealing 50th Anniversary Logo Thursday:  The Diamondbacks will have their 5th division title in 14 years of existence, led by their 4th 20-game winner, Ian Kennedy.  The Rockies have accomplished neither, but it may be therapeutic to be in Houston Thursday.  The franchise will be revealing their 50th anniversary logo while never having won a World Series...and while sitting on over 100 losses.  Maybe the Rockies aren't so bad?

    2011 Proves Rocky for Rockies Tyler Matzek | FanGraphs Baseball  Scouting the Sally's Mike Newman has joined Fangraphs, and he made one of his first articles there on the Rockies' enigmatic prospect.  

    Rockies’ Trevor Story writes first chapter in Casper | On the Rox — Colorado Rockies news — Denver Post  Troy Renck talked with Story about his first pro year.