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Game 159: Kevin Millwood vs. Lucas Harrell

These might be the most crucial games Colorado has played since it fell out of the race. Why? Because their September Tankapalooza has put the Rockies into a 4 way tie at 71-87. What happens in these next four games will determine if the Rockies get anywhere from the 11th pick (worst case) and 4th pick (best case). If Colorado loses all of their remaining games, the likely outcome is the 7th pick. In terms of projected future value, the difference between the 4th and the 11th pick in the MLB draft has historically been pretty big.

So c'mon Jim Tracy, keep doing what you were doing before! Problem is, I think that Kevin Millwood is going to pitch well against a guy making his 5th career start in Lucas Harrell.

Kevin Millwood

#40 / Pitcher / Colorado Rockies





Dec 24, 1974

Lucas Harrell

#64 / Pitcher / Houston Astros





Jun 03, 1985

At this point, we can hope for a loss, but given the way 2011 has gone, I doubt we'll get one.