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Monday Rockpile: The Rockies Of Tomorrow

I tried to crop Giambi out of the picture, but who am I kidding? He's going to be here forever.
I tried to crop Giambi out of the picture, but who am I kidding? He's going to be here forever.

If the above picture hasn't scarred your mind yet, there are several players in that picture who have a very good chance of shaping the way this franchise moves over the next 5 years. Take another look. Then look at this one. That's right, you enjoyed it. 

There are 4 specific guys in that picture that meet the qualifications for franchise-shaping, and another 3 who are definitely MLB pieces we want to keep a close eye on.

The 4, if you haven't guessed already, are: Drew Pomeranz, Alex White, Rex Brothers, and Wilin Rosario. Amusing how they all are involved heavily with pitching, as well: Pomeranz and White should make up half of the top-4 in the Rockies rotation (I just realized that Jorge De La Rosa is going to have seniority in the 2012 Rockies rotation), Brothers as the Bullpen Anchor (Closer), and Rosario catching them all. That's a pretty key 4 rookies there.

The other 3 are Jordan Pacheco, Matt Reynolds, and Edgmer Escalona. Pacheco is likely going to play an infield utility role going forward, backing up 1B and 3B, and I guess 2B because apparently players aren't versatile unless they can play 1B/2B/3B. Never mind the fact that he can catch. I'm sincerely hoping they just keep him out of the outfield. Matt Reynolds will play an important bullpen piece as... well, as a lefty, but not as a closer. Escalona, while more of a low-leverage reliever, is still solid RHP depth. He may not be forecasted to fill as glamorous of a role as Brothers or Reynolds, but having those quality innings is invaluable down the stretch.

So 7 guys: 3 starters, 3 part-time players, and a closer. That's not a bad wave of rookies to have on hand going into the 2012 season. 

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Millwood gives up three hits in seven innings in Rockies' win - The Denver Post

One of the interesting parts of Septembers is seeing the veterans who are fighting for a job next season. After 9 starts, 5 of which being quality starts, of generally quality baseball, Millwood has to be a factor in 2012. Late flashes of competence to a struggling organization can be awarded jobs to start the next season, or so it would seem.

Really, I feel like it's a question mark where Pomeranz and White are going to end up next season (that is, in AA, AAA, or MLB - I think they'll both be in the majors), but after Chacin and these two, there's kind of a gap in pitching depth. Jorge De La Rosa will fill one of those holes at some point in the season, and Jason Hammel might fill one immediately, but if there isn't a surefire rotation candidate, Millwood could very likely be that person. What happens when De La Rosa returns is anyone's guess, however.


Chacin's improvement key factor for Rockies' future - The Denver Post

There's no question that Jhoulys Chacin has monstrous stuff and a lot of potential. He just has to show it. During his first 14 starts, Chacin's BB/9 sat at a respectable 3.30; his next 16, it skyrocketed to about 4.98. His strikeout numbers crashed as well. A lot of people saw this year as being Chacin's potential Sophomore Slump, and it surely is. Renck tells us that Chacin's working on some very small tweaks, and the team is actually alright with his mechanics.


Rockies rip record 25 hits in 19-3 rout of Astros - The Denver Post

Kevin Millwood: Feared Slugger.

Seriously though, with that Millwood homer, he becomes the first Rockies pitcher since Mike Hampton to hit more than 1 home run in a season. Also, with those Kouzmanoff homers (well, actually, the one from earlier this past weekend, but stay with me), Ian Stewart is the only Rockies 3B who didn't hit a homer this season. Actually, out of players with at least as much playing time as he has, he's the ONLY one who hasn't hit a home run.

Last thought: Eric Young Jr is slowly impressing. He has a .341 OBP right now with 26 SB and still, no position.