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Tuesday Rockpile: Rockies Have 99 Problems But Chacin Ain't One

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The Rockies lost again last night, dropping them back into a tie for the 9th worst record in Major League Baseball. However, Jhoulys Chacin provided an encouraging effort, ending his up and down season on an upward run. In it, he walked just one and allowed two runs in seven innings, while inducing a season-most 15 ground ball outs.

Chacin's (11-14, 3.62) first full year has had bright spots to be certain, though regression and inconsistency ran rampant as well. His strikeout rate plummeted. His walk rate spiked to a ridiculous high before settling in September. His home run rate spiked. His BABIP dropped. His GB rate skyrocketed. His HR/FB ballooned. It's tough to know what we have in this guy. But at the end of the season, it is worth remembering two things. One, he is 23 years old. Two:

Jhoulys Chacín, only Rockies pitcher in franchise history besides Ubaldo Jiménez with ERA under 4.00, 140+K, 180+IP and opposing .240 or less ave.

Overall, that's pretty darn good, and the Rockies would take that from a middle of the rotation pitcher every single year. Even though Chacin pitched better in 2010 than 2011, Chacin was not the problem. Once Ubaldo Jimenez was traded, Chacin was forced into the "ace" role in his first full season in the bigs. Jhoulys did fine. The rest of the rotation did not.

Jhoulys Chacin's 2.4 fWAR is the 2nd lowest team-leading fWAR season in franchise history, better only than 2005's Jeff Francis (2.2), in Francis' first full season.

The Rockies are not in the market for an ace this offseason, but this goes to show just how much a good and dependable middle to back end starter (~3.0 fWAR) could mean to this team, especially if there is notable growth from Chacin, Pomeranz, and White. The Rockies will need that, because no Ricky Nolasco or Wade Davis is enough to save the whole pitching staff.

Right now, the rotation has 9.4 fWAR, worse than every full season in franchise history except 2002.

Rockies' starters are ranked dead last in MLB in K/BB ratio at 1.78.

Colorado has used 29 different pitchers this season, one shy of the franchise record set in 2007. That includes 13 different starting pitchers, tops in MLB.

So yes. It has been an unmitigated disaster in the rotation, and that must be addressed this offseason. In house growth from the youth in tow will inevitably help. But Mr. O'Dowd has his work cut out for him to stabilize the rotation, which was this team's strength not too long ago.

The Rockies must score 19 runs in their final two games to avoid being the lowest scoring offense in franchise history.

Oh yeah, there's that too. The offense is a train wreck. Good luck Dan. You'll need it.

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