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Saturday Rockpile: Kevin Millwood Making an Impact in Denver

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kevin millwood's persistence paying off. hes 2-1 for #rockies w/ 1.11 whip

We've all laughed about just how 2011 it is that Kevin Millwood is even pitching for the Rockies right now. However, his performance has been no laughing matter - he's been downright good for Colorado. MInus the concerning home run rate (1.67 per nine innings), all of his peripherals are terrific (albeit in a small sample size, of course).

The two things that stick out the most to me: MIllwood's xFIP is actually right in line with his ERA (3.38 vs. 3.34), and his BB/9 rate is a ridiculous 1.11. This pitching staff is known for walking everybody and their Yuniesky Betancourt, so that is no small feat. As AMart quipped last night, Millwood looks a hell of a lot like the second coming of 2007 Mark Redman, who was our savior down the stretch in the race toward the postseason.

This season's turning points - ESPN's Jerry Crasnick lists Ubaldo Jimenez's awful outing against Pittsburgh at Coors Field earlier this season as one of the nine turning points of the 2011 season in all of MLB. I know that this game has even been mentioned around here as the single point when things started to take a turn for the worst. That series against Pittsburgh hinted that the Rockies were mere mortals at Coors Field, and we all know what happened in May (and from there, the rest of the season).

The Rockies have made it a habit to lose home series to the Pirates several times over the past few years, but this one just felt different.

Irv Moss: Rockies prospect Parker has solid season with Tourists - The Denver Post
Irv Moss profiles Kyle Parker in his latest Minor League Report. Parker has big power numbers and big strikeout numbers, and as is the case with a guy like Corey Dickerson, it will be interesting to see how Parker handles the jump to Modesto, where the home park is a little bit more neutral (although the league as a whole is not). Parker's home OPS is .971, compared to just .745 on the road.